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    In 2013, Afaan Publications started a campaign to revitalize the Oromo culture around the world. The aim was to provide high quality, educational books in the Oromo language for every child, in every family, in every home.


    After launching the original video, more than 15 cities around the world supported the fundraiser, with the aim to raise $50 000 in one month.


    A high school student pledged the first support of $10; he was followed by more than 1000 individual pioneers helped to collect donations from the following countries:


    Oromia, South Africa, Australia, China, Finland, Germany, Canada, Kenya, Malaysia, Egypt, New Zealand, Namibia, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and the USA.


    A huge number of international donors also sponsored Afaan’s campaign with pledges of $1000 and $500. Altogether more than $123,123 was raised in less than six weeks.


    Watch the video to see which city raised the most money!










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    Mana Barnoota Oromoo Ifaa Islaamaa ($2500) – Melbourne, Victoria



    Bultum Self Help Organisation ($3500) – Oslo, Norway

    Hawaasa Oromo Oslo ($3500) – Oslo, Norway


    United States of America – USA:

    Raadiya Qaabato ($1500) - Denver, Colorado

    Jote Teferi Mergo ($1500) – San Francisco, California

    Mati Galata Gebra ($1500) – Washington DC

    Abdoo Lugoo – Denver, Colorado

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    Abdul Wahab Tufa – Melbourne, Victoria

    Muna Asfir – Melbourne, Victoria

    Gemechu Wako– – Melbourne, Victoria

    Hamda Kurfessa – Melbourne, Victoria

    Gitu Erre – Melbourne, Victoria

    Nuriya Mustefa – Melbourne, Victoria

    Abdallah Kassim – Melbourne, Victoria

    Bilal Dislioglu – Melbourne, Victoria

    Tajudin Mume – Melbourne, Victoria



    Waldayaa Dubartoota Toronto – Toronto, Ontario

    Magaala Hawaasa Toronto – Toronto, Ontario

    Oromo Evangelical Church of Edmonton – Edmonton, Alberta

    United Oromo Christian Fellowship of Manitoba

    Living Gospel Church.



    Ali Wariyo - Nairobi



    Madda Walaabuu International – Oslo, Norway

    Oromo Community Tingvoll – Tingvoll, Norway

    Oromo Evangelical Church – Trondheim, Norway

    Oromo Community Haugesund, Norway



    Dr. Galana Balcha – Lund, Sweden


    United States of America – USA:

    Abdoo Lugoo – Denver, Colorado

    Huseen Tufaa – Denver, Colorado

    Shabelle Market, Aurora, Colorado

    Guddataa Sa’id – Denver, Colorado

    Huseen Muhammad – Denver, Colorado

    Afooshaa – Denver, Colorado

    Mohammed Abdosh – Atlanta, Georgia

    Temesgen Beriso – Tigard, Oregon

    International Oromo Womens Association - Silver Springs, Maryland

    Mimi Lata

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    Abdusalam Rashid – – Melbourne, Victoria

    Gebi Ganamo – – Melbourne, Victoria

    Kurfo Henbento – Melbourne, Victoria

    Mieso Nagesso – Melbourne, Victoria

    Johara Shek Mohamed – Melbourne, Victoria

    Anisa Umer – Melbourne, Victoria

    Amane Fayyoo – Melbourne, Victoria

    Berhanu Erre – Melbourne, Victoria

    Dhaqaba Gose – Melbourne, Victoria

    Kiyuma Kewete – Melbourne, Victoria

    Mubarak Tibesso – Melbourne, Victoria

    Bashir Morke – Melbourne, Victoria

    Galato Kabato – Melbourne, Victoria

    Abduro Witago – Melbourne, Victoria

    Rashid Desayo – Melbourne, Victoria

    Kadir Hussen – Melbourne, Victoria

    Kadir Butacha – Melbourne, Victoria

    Ifrah Hassen – Melbourne, Victoria

    Anisa Umer – Melbourne, Victoria

    Hamza Wariyo – Melbourne, Victoria

    Kamal Hussen – Melbourne, Victoria

    Shazeli Osman – Melbourne, Victoria

    Badriyya Kassim – Melbourne, Victoria

    Maryama Ussi – Melbourne Australia




    United Oromo Christian Fellowship of Manitoba - Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Living Gospel Church – Winnipeg, Manitoba


    United States of America – USA:

    Jaalata Abdoo – Denver, Colorado

    Hajjii Juullaa – Denver, Colorado

    Qamariyyaa Qaabatoo – Denver, Colorado

    Jamaal Bakar – Denver, Colorado

    Saafii Usmaan – Denver, Colorado

    Ibrahim Gallama – Chicago, Illinois

    Ahmed A Ababiya – Maryland, DC

    Bayana Dibaba – Denver, Colorado

    Hamza Abdurezak – Boston, Massachusetts









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    Afaan is a bold, new way of story telling: we interview to ask Oromo people's experiences of their langauge

    Bareetu Aba-Bulgu

    Eighteen year old Bareetu describes her experiences of learning Afaan Oromo.... in Australia.

    Demeysa Ahmed

    Demeysa shares how his heritage connects with his career choice.

    Shangale Ali

    Shangale reflects how current strides of success experienced by a younger generation of Oromo youth was rooted in many painful experiences.

    Leensaa Diinqaa

    Leensaa reflects her personal experience of a woman whose experience of Afaan Oromo at the right place and right time, was crucial for her recovery to health.

    Abdata Homa

    Abdata shares the secret to raising 12 children... and struggles to teach them his native language.

    Dr Nasrudin Hussen

    Currently a practicing Doctor, Dr Hussen realises the value of his heritage when he migrates to another country to study.

    Soreti Kadir

    As an eighteen year old, Soreti predicts the reaction of elders to the effort of revitalising the Oromo language.

    Galata Qumbi

    Galata reflects the power of sharing language through mediums of song and dance.


    Makiyya explains how determination plays a role in success, as she encounters a refugee experience. She reveals her excitement about blending tradition with technology to maintain the bonds of language.

    Ayichu Wako

    Ayichu shares her experiences at church, and the frustration of people mispronouncing her name.

    Damma Fallama and Gemechu Wako

    A mother and father's strategies to keep their children's awareness of their heritage and mother tongue.

    Afandi Siyo

    As an Oromo artist, Afandi reflects on a proverb that drives his ambition to sing and empower.

    Siinqee Wesho

    A university student, Siinqee recalls her astonishment at how easy it is becoming for languages to become endangered, or even worse, extinct.